Rick is the CFO of Grafton LSR Limited, the holding company responsible for the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project, a project seeking to set a new land speed record in South Africa in the next 18 months. A Chartered Accountant with 30 years’ international business experience working in senior finance, commercial and business development roles having worked in more than 100 countries. He is Regional Advisory Board Chairman for BITC in the south west and an appointed ambassador for responsible business focussing on: future skills, community, the environment, and mental health. He is an independent corporate transformation consultant; a Fellow of the RSA; a Visiting Professor at UWE, Bristol; and a Board member of the Bristol Business School. After a number of years in the aviation industry he moved into business consultancy with firms including PwC, Accenture and IBM as a specialist in business transformation. He has advised many Governments and multinational businesses around the world as well as working on projects for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EBRD and the European Union. He has also travelled as a trade ambassador for the UK. Away from work he plays sport, ballroom dances and sings sea shanties.